• Media requests for the ceremony and reception must be submitted to the Office of Event Productions by the deadline indicated on the Event Agreement.
  • All events in Alumni Chapel and Broadus Chapel will require a SBTS media technician to be present and to run equipment.
  • A SBTS media technician will be present for the rehearsal and ceremony during the scheduled event times with equipment requested through the Office of Event Productions.  Additional requests at the time of the event are not guaranteed and may incur additional charges on the final bill.
  • All audio cassette tapes, CD’s  and MP3s that will be used during the wedding are needed at the time of the rehearsal.
  • The Media Services department does not offer videography.  Students, faculty and staff may contact Media Services directly to reserve a camcorder.
  • Videos that are to be shown during the Reception must be provided to Event Productions to be reviewed prior to the wedding.
  • No outside media such as a data projector and microphones are allowed in event space.


  • Only Christian music may be played at the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Music played during the wedding ceremony must be the original CD or tape and must hold a copyright through SESAC, BMI or ASCAP.  Recorded copies are not permitted.
  • Use of the organ provided in either Alumni Chapel or Broadus Chapel require contracting with a SBTS approved musician. Please contact the Office of Event Productions for a list of approved musicians.  The wedding party is responsible for contacting and scheduling approved musicians from this list.
  • D.J.’s and/or dancing are prohibited on SBTS premises.

For more information, please contact our event sales manager at or phone at (502) 897-4567


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